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Pay Per Click Marketing

Would you like to increase your revenues using Pay Per Click Advertising? At Insite SEO we strategize, implement and manage Ad campaigns to help you grow your business and make smarter decisions to reach more people. Turning your web users into customers then followers then ambassadors for your business.

There are many marketing tools and software that we use to help define your target audience more accurately, organize schedules and PPC budget, and also identify the most profitable search terms for your advertising plan.

Ad Campaign Management Services

Our PPC service focuses on getting you qualified leads not just burning through your budget getting as many clicks as possible. PPC should only be part of your overall marketing strategy, we work to make sure that your campaign fits with your existing marketing plan. Depending on what your marketing goals are we may recommend working on different platforms.

Some platforms we typically work in include:

  • Google Adwords: is a powerful platform that offers tools to advertise on a large display ad network or within Google Search results. We help you determine which approach would be best.

    Our service includes multiple ad tools, to optimize your campaign like keyword suggestion reports, click through estimators search volume and range estimated CPC. With our Google Adwords software, we inform you about the performance of each keyword with bid automation and keyword grouping.

    We use an automated reporting tool so there is no fudging the numbers to make your campaign look like its running better than it is, we believe in absolute transparency, this automation saves time on ad campaign creation and reduces unnecessary costs as soon as the first results of the report appear.Many marketers use Google Adwords, but how many of them do succeed with the campaigns? We believe organization and automation is the key to create profitable campaigns.

  • Google Guarantee: As a first impression, the Google Guarantee badge has become instrumental for business owners to improve their local businesses. These local service ads give your brand a higher priority in the search results, which is why we support this feature in our service.We help register your business for Local Services Ads and guide you through the process to become verified. After setting the initial budget, we share the report and optimize the campaign accordingly, ensuring the best visibility in the SERPs for your page.
  • Bing Ads: It is not surprising that many advertisers have started to use Bing Ads as bing has grown its search market share. We consider supporting this platform in our service because of better efficiency with Pay Per Click costs, precise targeting, includes Search Demographics, and social extensions, among others.Our management program focuses on using the whole potential of Bing advertising in favor of your company.
  • Facebook Ads: We are aware that your customers spend more time on this platform, for the most part. We master Facebook Business to bring you the most specific data reports. Facebook Ads are the most popular solution to improve brand awareness, lead generation, sales funnel optimization, and get referrals with a small budget.

Why Choosing A PPC Management Service?

In Advertising Campaign Management, our tracking and analytic programs will automate your campaigns with the conditions that you set. Once the advertising period completes, our service creates a report with the results, comparing it with your initial objective.


It is crucial to adapt fast enough and make accurate advertising changes, which is we specialize in organizing data and include a clear strategy in every campaign. For businesses having some traction with organic positioning, paid advertising stands for the solution to magnify the effects.

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